why do you need a continuous spraying bottle

continuous spray bottle series

Conventional trigger sprayers is common to see in daily life, people use them on various cleaners, garden watering, salon, pest control etc. A sleek design spray bottle came out with its special functionality – continuous spraying, and attracts lots of attentions from consumers and manufacturers. What new mechanic principle does it use? Is it worth the huge price gap between conventional trigger sprayer? And why do you need to consider to use a continuous spraying bottle on your products? We are going to talk about these questions.

Features of continuous spraying bottles

  1. glossy and integral bottle and spray head .
  2. Refillable PET bottle.
  3. Once push, lasting 2 seconds spraying.
  4. Ultra fine mist droplet.
  5. Upside-down spraying is available once primed.

The pricinple of continuous spraying functionality.

If you are a garden lover or have used knapsack pressure sprayers. you will find they worked just similar as the little bottle one you can hold in single hand. You once give a motion either press the rod on knapsack sprayer or squeeze trigger on spray bottle, the liquid spray out and can last for 2-4seconds. Though the pump size varies a lot, the technical principle is the same. As simple as that building a air chamber to both build vacuum to suck liquid, and force liquid out in other direction to nozzle end.

Can continuous spray bottle replace normal trigger sprayer?

Because of its attractive appearance and ergonomic design, continuous spray bottle is proven market welcomed in many industries, like salon, car care, household cleaning etc. But because the spray head can’t fit on standard bottle neck like 28/400 or 38/400. Which means you have to buy and resell the whole unit of continuous spraying bottle. Also its components are more complicated and bigger size than a normal trigger sprayer. So the basic material and labor cost is much higher. Normal trigger sprayer is more universal and cost-efficient.

What need to be considered about when using continuous sprayer?

The most concerning point is the cost. If your product is high value products or you want to build a high-end brand in industry, it’s worth to trying continuous spray bottle as consumer prefer to focus on fashion products.

Second of all, continuous spray bottle can produce ultra fine mist. Benefiting from its small nozzle orifice and support of abundant air pressure. But some customers were inspired to use this kind sprayer in kitchen by applying oil. We do have developed a special nozzle for this application with high-viscosity liquid. Make sure you got a sample to test with specific liquid thoroughly.