Velcro flat mop system (intro video)

velcro flat mop system

Microfiber velcro flat mop system is essential for floor cleaning and disinfection. The system contains a 38 to 70 inch telescopic handle, a hook strap aluminum frame and replaceable velcro backing flat mop head. Our velcro mop system features a lot of advantages that improve product durability and operator’s working efficiency.

Long-loop velcro mop

80% polyester and 20% polyamide blend microfiber yarn grants extraordinary performance and durability. Unique “star” shape structure split microfiber to less than 1 denier ultra fine filament, that create capillary action to pick up and hold microbial contamination. Long loop strands can hold more solution, as well as better ability to reach into corners and crevices. This high pile microfiber flat mop features three inner rows and four times stitching, increase the overall longevity. Backing uses dimensional hook and loop plastic made material, which won’t wear down even after upto 500 times laundry.

16” Aluminum mop frame

Aluminum mop frame is light weight and anti-corrosion. Besides 16” length option, there are 12 inch and 22 inch options available. The trapezoid edge helps clean corners easily. Two hook type strap tapes is long-lasting and can replace easily. The handle joint can swivel 360 degree, give the most possibility to clean under table and operate figure-8 mopping method. With the small lock on, the joint turns to 180 degree swiveling that can adapt to wall cleaning.

Telescopic universal mop handle

There is an ergonomic grip on top of this handle increasing comfort. The first section of telescopic handle is frosted black finish by spray painting that is comfortable to hold even in cold weather. the overall length is adjustable from 38 to 70 inch to meet most cleaning tasks’ need.

Velcro Flat mop Assemble steps

Remove the latch from mop frame, align the hole on mop handle with the ones on frame and insert latch back in. Tighten the collar to secure handle. Make sure velcro flat mop is thoroughly saturated with solution or water. Pick up velcro flat mop with frame. To adjust the mop handle’s length, rotate left to loose handle and adjust handle’s height is about level of operator’s shoulder, turn right to tighten handle.

Start mopping against wall and corner, then follow figure-8 mopping method to overlapping center areas. Avoid bending waist can ease working effort and reduce injury. Step foot on mop edge to separate from frame, and put dirty mop into laundry bag. Click here for more tactics of using mircofiber mop.

The microfiber velcro flat mop can collect and trap dirt and soil until its release during machine washing.

To cleaning a wall, Lock on mop frame and enable 180 degree swiveling mode. Mop wall from top to bottom and keep overlapping 20% area.

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