Side Press vs Down Press Mop Wringer

down press mop wringer

Mop bucket with wringer helps squeeze mop out quickly and protect hands from touching with dirty mops. The steel handle can add pressure to wring out mop. We carry two typical mop buckets that features side press and down press wringers.

Both side press and down press mop wringer have plastic made drainer and metal handle. While down press mop wringer squeeze mop from top to down, side press wringer apply the pressure from side.

Please watch below YouTube video to check the details of these two commercial use mop bucket with wringer, and how to properly use a mop wringer.

Details of mop bucket with wringer

The down press mop wringer features a dual compartment bucket, that separate clean and dirty water. Gear driven wringer is labor-saving to wring mop out. The wheels features metal insert that grants more stability and glide smoothly without making noise and leaving marks on floor.

gear driven wringer working process

The side press mop wringer features sturdy plastic structure. And the steel handle is extended for reducing force to give pressure. Also the strainer has a long support base reach bottom of bucket, that gives more stability when pressure is gave. Both 26qt and 35qt bucket are compatible with the mop wringer.

How to use mop wringer

To properly use mop wringer. Thoroughly saturate mop with solution and put the wet mop head into strainer. If the wet mop has a scrubber pad, make sure don’t squeeze it otherwise it might be tear out by wringer. Then press wringer’s handle to the deepest level. Start to mop floor from wall corner, then mop 8-figure method on center area, turn over mop head to mop all target areas. Rinse mop in the solution and wring mop out, if mop looks still dirty, rinse and wring again til mop recover to clean. During the time you transfer to other work area, you can put mop in the clean tank to let the mop thoroughly get rid of soil and waste.

After the work, remove wringer from bucket, and pour waste into grounded drain.