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Side gate plastic wet mop handle

Item No.: H161J03611

wet mop handle gripper bolt on style with side gate.

Material: Polypropylene
Product weight: 200g
Product dimension: 7.5”
Connection: fit 15/16” or 1” diameter pole
Feature: side-gate; solid plastic
Color: yellow, red, blue, green.
Packing: 48pcs per CTN
CTN Cube: 1.8

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Product Description:

Plastic wet mop handle is as strong as metal one but never get rust. There is a side gate invader which allows changing mop head quickly and easily, without having to touch dirty mop head. The thumbwheel bolt-on structure clamps mop head firmly in place. There are two different sizes 10” and 9.5” width. This mop gripper can fit with 1” diameter wooden or vinyl coated metal handle pole.

Jaw style wet mop handle is also available.

Weight200 g
Dimensions7.5 × 2 × 9 in


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