microfiber mop head refill velcro backing

Item No.: M29205

Microfiber mop head refill for long lasting and heavy duty work.

Material: polyester, microfiber
Product weight: 135g
Product dimension: 18” x 4.5”
MOQ: 3000pcs
Mop frame: Hook and loop
Feature: lint-free; launderable
Market region: Europe

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Product Description:

Microfiber mop head refill has stripes style fabric, twisted yarn enhances the durability and longevity. Microfiber filament can pick up and trap dust due to its capillary action. It can achieve a deep cleaning on all kinds of interior floors.

This microfiber mop head refill features long looped fringe. Fringe extend cleaning range as well as help accumulate and attract particle near wall corners.
Backing is made of polyester velcro. Premium material won’t shrink and lose attachment with mop frame even after hundreds of laundering.

Color code tag is available for better identification and prevent cross-contaminations.

Product tags: Microfiber


Weight135 g
Dimensions18 × 4.5 × 1 in