Microfiber dust mop with looped fringe

Item No.: M29241

Microfiber dust mop is repeated washable.

  • Material: Microfiber, polyester
  • Microfiber composition: 70% polyester + 30% polyamide
  • Mop frame: strap tape system
  • Feature: lint-free; launderable
  • Market region: Europe, U.S.
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Product Description:

Microfiber dust mop attracts and traps dirt efficiently. Cutted pile surface can utmost conform with floor. The very thin microfiber filament can reach groove and pores of floor, pick up and wrap dirt easily and quickly.
The loop end fringe increase durability as well as ability to accumulate bigger particle and hair. Finer suede on surface and soft lining grant best balance between cleaning efficiency and mopping friction.
Backing of mop use premium brushed velcro tape, which can attach to frame instantly and won’t degrade even after many washing cycles.
Patented “Twin Lock” technology is applied in yarn twisting process, grants this microfiber dust mop even higher longevity.

Product tags: Microfiber


Weight140 g
Dimensions18 × 5 in

Microfiber, Polyester