Industrial flat mop canvas pocket backing

Item No.: M23432

Microfiber yarn proceeded by patented ” twin lock” twisting technology.

  • Material: polyester, microfibre
  • Product weight: 220g
  • Product dimension: 18” x 4.5”
  • Microfiber composition: 70% polyester + 30% polyamide
  • MOQ: 3000pcs
  • Mop frame: folding type
  • Feature: lint-free; launderable
  • Market region: U.S.
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Product Description:

Industrial flat mop is high performance and can be used for medium and high dirty floors. Microfiber can absorb 3 times its own weight of water and release gradually. This ensure each flat mop pad maximum its mopping area.

Benefiting from its patented “twin-lock” twisting technology, the microfiber yarns twist and adhere to each other strongly. Therefore significantly increase its durability, can withstand upto 500 times of laundering under 200°F(95°C) water temperature without degradation.

The long loop end yarn on surface and edge can reach corner, groove and pores of floor and pick up dust and trap them until its release by machine washing.

This fringe microfiber flat mop can use in both wet and try circumstance. Mixed color microfiber yarn is available for customized need.

The backing of industrial flat mop is canvas pocket style that is anti-abrasion.

The seam is sewn with binding, enhance durability and avoid tear during repeated washes.

Product tags: Microfiber


Weight220 g
Dimensions18 × 6 × 1 in

microfiber, polyester