Alumium flat mop frame with velcro stripes

Item No.: H1711

Aluminum flat mop frame for velcro backing mops.

  • Material: Aluminum, PP
  • Thread: Acme internal
  • Feature: light weight; replaceable velcro strip
  • Market region: Europe, U.S.
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Product Description:

Alumium flat mop frame is light weight, rust proof and durable.

The trapezoidal shape ensures to easily reach and clean hard-to-reach corners.

The strap tape is long-lasting and yet easily replaceable after abrasion.

Articulated joint can swivel around 360 degree, enable the 8-figure mopping method easily. Also a joint-lock is available, when lock-on, only allow back and forth direction swivel which is ideal for vertical walls cleaning.

There are different length options available at 12”, 16”, 22”.

Product tags: Microfiber


Weight270 g
Dimensions16 × 3 × 5 in
Mop style



internal Acme

Length options

12'', 16'', 22''