40” dip tube remote trigger sprayer

Item No.: T3186B

Remote trigger sprayer is perfect dispensing hand tool for gallon jugs.

Material: Polypropylene
Neck finish: 38/400
Product weight: ?
Spring: S/S-304
Output: 1.1-1.3ml per stroke
Spray pattern: mist/ stream/ off
Color: customized
Feature: large output; 39” long tube
Packing: 150pcs per CTN
CTN Cube: 3.1
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Product Description:

This long tube remote trigger sprayer can be regarded as an economical alternative to Premium remote trigger sprayer with cap 38/400.

Comparing to premium model, this economical style remote trigger sprayer is also durable, but its tube is thiner and sprayer structure is less strength. There is no clip to limit the cap position which the premium model is carrying.
The long tube trigger sprayer has an extended 40 inches dip tube which is ideal for dispensing liquids from gallon jugs. The trigger sprayer has a big output to significantly increase the spraying efficiency. The big trigger and rear support handle allow continuous work with ease. Also the extended dip tube is locked in position in the handle beneath sprayer, to prevent the dip tube from breaking away from trigger sprayer. The extended handle is for additional comfort.

The cap is standard 38/400 which fits most of gallon bottle neck thread. This remote trigger sprayer with 38/400 cap is welcomed in car detailing, janitorial cleaning and home garden usage.

Product tags:


Weight50 g

White, customized

Neck finish


Spray pattern

stream, spray, off

Tube length

40", customized