New product launch- battery foam sprayer

battery foam sprayer image blog

We’re excited to announce new launch of our lithium battery foam sprayer. This battery foam sprayer expands our car wash foam sprayers product line, and bring new experience for DIY car wash foam application.

We creatively integrate lithium battery and air compressor pump in the bottom base of a handy foam sprayer, allows it automatically pressurize bottle to continuously spray rich foam.

Thanks to this innovative design, hand held foam sprayer is not any more limited as a car wheels foaming tool, but can easily handle with the whole car body foam coat without pressure washer.

Moreover, New battery foam sprayer features a translucent scale line, LED power indicator. Also air release valve on top of sprayer head, make it easy to unscrew bottle after each work.

Another bonus is, this foam sprayer can easily transform to a watering garden sprayer. Because we also equip each sprayer with extra mist nozzle. This small addition increases usage rate, as well as extend its application circumstances and build up product value.

We have to say, it’s indeed the most correct size for a battery sprayer. As manufacturer ,we accept OEM and hope to cooperate with our customers to promote this new product to the world.

Check our video below for details: