HTS code & import tariff for cleaning tools

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HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule), a classification system used in the United States to help determine customs duties to be paid on imports. HTS codes are 10-digits (the first six digits are the same as the HS code for the goods).

Some of our clients might be the first time importing particular product from China, and not sure which the most proper HTS should use. In this article, we want to introduce how to look up HTS code for particular product. Also the tariff list (general and additional duty for goods from China) of our main products.

How to look up HTS code and tariff on products from China?

You might argue “ why bother? ask my supplier and they will give me HTS code instantly”. yes, that perhaps is the easiest way, but not the most accurate one. Although China is also using 10-digits HS code, but only the first 6-digits are the same as HTS for a specific product. So there is possibility that you got HS code instead of HTS code and figure out a wrong tariff rate. Rather than ask your China supplier, turn to your importing broker for help is better way.

Actually it’s not an overwhelmed work at all.


  1. Clickin website of U.S. International Trade Commission
  2. Enter product name or potential category in search column. If it appears “no result”, change to alter phrase or try use double-quotes.
  3. Compare the description in search results to the targeted products, locate the fittest one. And you now get a 10-digits code (8-digits heading+ 2-digits stat suffix) and general rate.
  4. To know additional duty for goods from China. Download the China tarifflist. Open the file, find the 8-digits heading code and locate corresponding chapter 99 heading. Then copy the 99 sub-heading and paste it in search column again. You will get a additional duty. The total duty rate should be general rate plus additional duty.


If you felt not confident on the result from , try the schedule B search engine from U.S. census bureau. Schedule B is a 10 digit international export code for exporting goods out of the United States (U.S). To be noted that, 10-digit schedule B number isn’t necessarily the same as HTS code. However, the first 6-digits are the same.

Comparing to “straightforward” search term on HTS search tool, schedule B search engine characterized man-machine interaction and support fuzzy search. It can lead to a reliable suggestion on 6-digits heading/subheading number. That we can verify on HTS dictionary in further step.

For example we want to know HTS code for “Plastic Broom”.

When we input query “broom” on HTS search, it returns three main HTS heading: 1404.90; 4417.00; 7326; 9603. after we investigate them one by one, that concludes 9603.90.80 should be the one we are looking for.

Another way through Schedule B search engine. We input “broom” and it pop up additional characteristic we can choose from.

The result already be narrow down to 9603. as the first 6-digits are the same, so we can paste 960390 into HTS search column and also get same result 9603.90.80


  • What’s the difference of HTS and schedule B?

Simply put, HTS is for importing and schedule B is for exporting. The first 6-digits can be the same, but last 4-digits may vary.

  • The item looks like fit more than one HTS sub-heading, how to decide which one is the fittest?

When you find the description in sub heading is proper to what you are looking for, make sure you roll up and see its parent chapter also comply. However in some case, a particular product can fall into more than one different sub headings. Then you can declare the one that has lower tariff rate.

HTS list for our main cleaning tools products

To help customers locate the proper HTS code for product we are carrying, we list HTS code for our main products below.

Note: please double check the HTS code is correct or not with your customs broker. The list is sort out with our exporting experience and customer’s feedback, the tariff schedule may update periodically.

Note: some items may fit in one than more sub-heading, we pick and recommend that with lower tariff rate.

Product nameHTS code(8/10 digits)General rateChapter 99 sub headingAdditional rate

(for goods from China)

Trigger sprayer8424.90.9080free9903.88.0325%
Plastic Bottle3923.30.00903%9903.88.0325%
Plastic Broom9603.90.802.8%9903.88.157.5%
Plastic Dustpan9603.90.802.8%9903.88.157.5%
Janitorial brush9603.90.802.8%9903.88.157.5%
Window/floor squeegee9603.90.80502.8%9903.88.157.5%
Janitorial bucket3926.90.10003.4%9903.88.157.5%
Electrical fogger sprayer8424.41.90002.4%9903.88.0325%
Foam spray gun8424.20.9000free9903.88.0325%