How to foam wash without pressure washer?

black car be foam washed

It’s essential step to spray foam onto car before contact wash. Rich foam will help soften dirt and other contamination, significantly reduce the chance of scratching and swirling during contact wash. Usually pressure washer foam cannon or foam lance will achieve great work to produce rich foam. However, pressure washer may not allowed in some circumstances for instance you live in apartment, noise or limited budget.

Here we list and compare 3 different foam wash ways without pressure washer.

  1. the fastest way foam car without pressure washer
  2. Foam gun withgarden hose.
  3. Hand Pump foam sprayer.

The fastest way foam car without pressure washer.

Battery powered foam sprayer can apply snow foam on cars fast and easily, without using pressure washer. This handy automatic foam sprayer is a big upgrade on normal hand pump foam sprayer. It doesn’t need a single pump to foam cover the entire vehicle.

The setup is super easy.

  • – Charge battery with a USB cable like phone.
  • – Fill diluted concentration into bottle.
  • – Press button to pressurize bottle.
  • – Pull trigger to spray foam on car without interval time.

This car wash foam sprayer is not only effective tool for foam car without pressure washer, but it’s soap and water saving. This pump foam sprayer only produce little running-off after each wash on park lot or your driveway.

You can put it in trunk and travel with it whenever and wherever you need a foam car wash.

Foam gun for hose.

If you have running water and wish to foam wash car quickly without pressure washer. This hose foam gun may be what you look at. This foam gun contains a universal garden spray gun and a foam system. There is a Funny feature this foam gun have 6 different mix ratios settings. By rotating the dial table on top of foam system, you can simply get from 1:10 way up to 1:128 mix ratio, so you don’t have to dilute the concentrate in container at all.

Honestly speaking, this foam gun produces watering foam rather than intense snow foam like a high pressure foam cannon does. but for casual daily cleaning, garden hose foam gun can be more time-saving than you pick up soapy water from bucket back and forth.

Hand pump foam sprayer.

As the process of foam generate needs extra air, most small capacity hand pump foam sprayers only can spray like 30 seconds for each full pressurized. Therefore 1.5 liter hand foam sprayers are usually limited to foam wash car wheels rather than the entire car. Because you must be exhausted after pump 300 times to spray foam on whole car panels, moreover foam earlier sprayed starts to dry out.

However, if a hand pump foam sprayer is the case, you can choose bigger capacity ones.

For example foam sprayers from IK (a famous sprayer manufacturer in Spain): IK FOAM PRO12

There is also demo video on youtube for this sprayers.