how to decide petrol-powered or electric cold foggers

electric fogger and gasoline fogger

Mist foggers, also usually named as fog sprayers are widely used for spraying various chemicals like pesticide, fungicide, disinfectant, deodorant. Misting fogger can produce smaller droplets than conventional pump sprayers do. While the works need deeper penetration or longer remain time on target surface or in air, fogger sprayers would be primary. Divided by power sources, you can find petrol power misting foggers with a general gas engine or electric cold foggers with electric or battery powered motor. The distinction is obvious but still worth listing out their differences.

What is backpack petrol-powered cold misting fogger?

petrol mist fogger

Each backpack style petrol-powered cold misting fogger contains liquid tank, oil tank, engine, ignition starter and nozzle. The normal overall empty weight is approx. 35lbs with a 4 gal liquid tank. As the petrol-powered fogger has to carry 1.1 qt oil tank and it adds at least 1 kg. The fuel consumption is 1L/h and at cost $0.42 per hour.

it’s not that easy to start a petrol power mist duster, yanking the starter with proper speed and force to ignite the mixture of air and fuel. It needs practices and so you prefer keep the engine on until work is done. However, petrol powered fogger is cordless and suitable for large scale work area.

As to function aspects, petrol powered fogger usually has a 2hp power(1.5kw) and spray at least 15 feet far away with a maximum output 17L/h. with a normal mist duster nozzle, it can produce 50-100 micron droplets. and it’s more common use at outdoors per it causes emission.

If a petrol-powered fogger can’t work well or breaks down, it would need a professional to repair.

Electric power cold foggers are hot sale on global markets during this period of COVID-19 outbreak. The demand of disinfection boosts and either residential or commercial area needs a eco-friendly fogger. Electric cold fogger performs as regular disinfection tools indoors to avoid virus spreading.

Electric power cold misting foggers have hand-held and backpack types, even on-the-wheel type. We only talk about backpack type for fair comparison here. A normal backpack electric cold fogger has main components such as liquid tank, compressor integrated motor and handle. The overall weight doesn’t exceed 5kgs with a 2.6gal liquid tank.

The motor power is 1400walt and theoretically the electricity consumption is 1.4kwh and at cost $0.18 per hour. The electric power cold fogger can shoot 10 feet far away with a maximum output 10L/h. Benefiting from its specially designed nozzle, it can produce 20-50 micron droplets. The on/off switch is integrated on handle, so it’s easy to turn off the motor during the breaks and give the motor a minute to cool off.

However, electricity sources is neccessory for electric power cold foggers. And you might need a cord roller to extend the working range. So electric cold fog sprayer is usually for indoors use and most common application is for deodorant and disinfectant.

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