How to choose a sanitizer dispenser stand?

white sanitizer dispenser stand on black background

We are manufacturer doing ODM/OEM for metal sanitizer dispenser stand. Because people get habit to frequently clean and sanitize their hands in public places, the sanitizer or soap dispenser stand is in strong demand ever nowadays. it can be used at entrance of shopping malls, offices, schools, stations etc. Where sanitization is required but there is no wall to place wall mounted sanitizer dispenser.

One sanitizer dispenser stand usually contains a support base, stand post and a top tray to install soap/sanitizer dispenser, some may add an ad board on top of stand showing reminder sign or other information. However, if you are appointed or planning to import bulk order of sanitizer dispenser stand from China. How to choose the right sanitizer dispenser stand for your company and distributors? we will introduce in factory perspective what you need to concern about and help you make the best decision.

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how to choose a reliable partner to help me complete the metal stand purchasing job?

You expect the manufacturer to deliver a satisfied job, both in quality and time. dispenser stand is not complicated product at all, and it’s a new hot sale item. You don’t have to find supplier who are selling existing stand. Just search related metal products keywords like “metal bracket” “display shelf” “ metal stand” etc. You can find a lot of manufacturers. To identify who can do the job efficiently, you need to contact several of them and ask the question for example:

  1. does the factory have sand blasting machine, powder coating line, laser cutting machine? These are essential production procedures for a dispenser stand. Factory can be more efficient and quality guaranteed if they can do these independently.
  2. Does the factory have ability to help design or realize your sketch to reality? It’s a soft strength which can significantly speed up your project if you are new on this field.
  3. What target market does the factory export to? If you are U.S buyer, you might be more willing to cooperate with a partner who are familiar with your market.

Before you try above, why not contact us and give us a try? We are manufacturer of metal brackets, and have exported 20,000 units of dispenser stand to U.S since the pandemic outbreaks.

What need to be paid attention to when we design a dispenser stand?

Support base must be heavy enough for stability. It can be in either square or round shape and at least 3kg weight. Make sure the bottom be flat, it’s good idea to put EVA pads on bottom as buffer and can protect your floor contact with metal stand directly. Which may cause noise and floor scratch.

The support post better be telescope or in sections, this will significantly save packing volume and shipping cost.

There should be at least two holes on top tray for installing soap or sanitizer dispenser. Measure the dimension of your dispenser box and determine the position of the holes. It’s always good to make the stand universal to most of ordinary soap dispensers. And always make sure the bottom of soap dispenser is more than 15cm far away from the spilling tray, otherwise spilling tray will keep triggering the infrared sensor.

What features can I add to our new dispenser stand to attract more orders?

Pre-treatment is vital for a good finish. If factory doesn’t do pre-treatment properly before powder coating, the products looks all right when you receive it, but after a few weeks later, the finish will tear down like tree leaves. So make sure pre-treatment is done for each unit and each component.

Different soap dispenser may have different back holes distance. Some is 2.5’’ while other can be 3’’. it’s good idea to make a oval shape hole on stand so it can be more universal to all dispensers.

Ad board is a good display platform for commercial or public welfare use.