Electrostatic sprayers versus Foggers for disinfecting

three equiped men doing disinfecting with sprayers

As the re-opening process, everyone is finding the way out making daily disinfecting routing. To protect their employees, customers, visitors from potential explosion to virus. With demands clime high, it can be tricky and costly to hire cleaning contract company for the disinfection works. While now is not only the good time develop habit of hand washing, but also learn to do sanitize and disinfection work by self. Believe me, with the right equipment and guidelines, it’s nothing difficult to achieve. Now that to say right equipment, someone may wonder what the differences are between electrostatic sprayers and electric foggers. When I went through disinfectant foggers’ resellers’ websites and found even some retailers on line incorrectly claim a knapsack electrostatic sprayer as fogger mister.

  • Electrostatic sprayers have a device at end of the nozzle in order to charge the solution droplet with positive electrode. This technology allows spraying mist wrap around the object to achieve a 360 degree coverage.
  • Electric foggers have a powerful motor and produce strong air stream. The speedy air stream will meet with solution flow at the end of nozzle. This different tech produces smaller size droplets range from 20-100 micron. It allows disinfectant or other solutions float in air for a period in order to kill the airborne pathogens.

It’ also worth mentioning that, some individuals or service provider may use conventional backpack sprayers for disinfecting works. Not saying it’s wrong, generally either battery powered or hand pump sprayers spray liquid out as a form of bigger droplet. This size range of droplets will wet target objects therefor is not safe for office desk with papers stacked on, fabric chairs, and electronic devices. And usually you may need rags to wipe-dry when using conventional pump sprayers to spray disinfectant. Comparing to that, electrostatic sprayers and mist foggers can be more efficient and safe for this particular purpose.

Developing a disinfecting routine is essential for everybody’s safety. The right tools just help boost work efficiency. While you invest in either disinfecting fogger or electrostatic sprayer, you obtain a sword to fight with coronavirus. Following with that, We also summary up some tips about To how to disinfect your workplace properly. As our backpack disinfecting fogger is easy to set up and operate, it’s proven market welcomed by both cleaning contract companies and individual DIYers.

Both electrostatic sprayers and electrical mist foggers can be used for disinfection works. However, you should make your purchase decision before asking yourself below questions.

Electric foggers usually have a larger flow rate. I.e our MN1010 3gal disinfectant fogger sprayer has a maximum 25oz per minute. Which means you can more sufficiently do the work with a big area place. While with the similar droplet size to produce, a victory brand cordless electrostatic sprayer has a maximum 13.4oz per minute flow rate. In the other hand, you can say electrostatic sprayer is more solution saving, as long as you are available to do the work more patiently and thoroughly.

Because foggers produces solution particles really small which can float in air. Operator need to close the doors and windows for better penetration. And after the operation, it needs at least 2hours for re-entry. So with a fogger you’d likely to schedule disinfecting after the off-duty hour. In case you potentially have to do cleaning and disinfecting in day time, electrostatic sprayer will be a better choice. Because it needs less time (normally 20-40minutes as soon as get dry) to wait until the environment is safe for humans living in.

If you owns a greenhouse with pest issues, garage or basement with fungi, choose a fogger for multi-purpose applications. Electric foggers doesn’t produce smoke like a gasoline powered one. So you can use it for many other fields like pest control, fungicide, deodorization etc. Besides that, you can also use a fogger as blower for backyard cleaning. Not to say electrostatic sprayers can’t do these works, but a fogger might be more suitable is all.