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We have 10+years experience on wide range of cleaning products, including sprayers, household cleaning supplies, car washing foam sprayer and pet products. our main factories is ISO9001 2008 quality system approved, and quality control has been our top priority since our bith.

Customized box design is encouraged as long as reaching the MOQ, we provide free graphic design if customer request. it’s always our pleasure to help boost your sales by making product stand out from others. Also, it’s available to make demonstration by rendering products into the colors you desire to review before placing order.

Sourcing a particular product in China can be easy or complicated, profitable or risky. We are talking about selecting a partner among hundreds of factories, and you might be 10,000 miles physically away from the guy you are sending email to. don’t get me wrong, if you got a reliable factory doing your project with fair enough price and comfortable service, congratulations! but if you are intending to buy complex catagories and being tired of dealing with difficult factories, we would be happy to be your agent in China.

Every customer needs particular shipping routine and method depending on your schedule, business scale and expected profit level. How to figure out the most appropriate shipping way with a reasonable cost? why not try to get our advice now that it’s for free. The purpose we do this is purely saving your cost.

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