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Hangzhou Moonlight Cleaning Products Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer & exporter for commercial cleaning supplies. We endeavor to integrate our resources, in order to provide customers with one-stop solution of commercial cleaning tools. Our product includes microfiber mops, window & floor squeegees, broom and dustpan, trigger sprayers, car wash foam sprayers etc.

Main Product Lines

trigger sprayers categories

Various trigger sprayers fit tailored needs. ISO standard factory produced trigger sprayers with durable constructure. Besides general purpose trigger sprayers, we also include specialty ones such as PCR and eco-friendly material trigger sprayers.

janitorial tools category

Completed commercial janitorial tools including brooms, dustpan, window & floor squeegees, janitorial brushes etc. Innovative design and solid constructure products help tackle with the toughest cleaning job efficiently and safely.

microfiber mops category

Patented “twin-lock” technology creates most advanced microfiber mops. Lab tested over 500 times laundering under 200 ºF temperature without degradation. Also includes cost-saving and eco-friendly cotton blend wet mops.

Car detailing categories

Car wash is one of major commercial cleaning fields. Our innovative tools is suitable for both DIYers and professional car detailing stores. Enhance brands image with our products innovation and durability.

Company Profile

Since 2013, Moonlight Products has been specialized in commercial janitorial supplies including trigger sprayers, mops, window & floor squeegees, cleaning brushes, brooms and dustpan, plastic buckets and car detailing products etc. U.S. is our main market country. We gain our reputation rapidly relying on reliable quality, profitable pricing and satisfying service. Our products are produced always with longevity, innovation and sustainability in our mind.

30% customers may come to you for low pricing, but 100% customers will leave you for bad quality. We implement strict quality inspection through entire production procedure, to ensure the bulk order customers receive is as good as sampled one.

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